CompAS has carved out a successful niche for itself in custom software design and development. We provide complete software implementation process, starting with software design and development, software quality assurance and testing, software deployment, and software upgrades and enhancements. The core software design and development services provided by CompAS include:

  • Desktop and Web Application Development
  • High-End Client-Server Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Development

CompAS' software engineers have gained profound experience and proven background in

  • FORTRAN 77, 90, 95, 2003
  • Microsoft Visual C++ / C++
  • VB-6
  • Borland C++

Our expertise includes various Windows/Web Tools and Technologies gained through successful implementation and delivery of custom software solutions in diverse vertical industries across the world.

Our skill set in engineering software entails developing numerical software. We start by deriving algorithm from mathematical equations and then developing software codes - per SEI CMM standards - to implement the algorithm in the final program. We specialize in Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow and Combustion Analysis applicable to Metallurgical, Chemical, and Environmental Applications.

Our specialization in process control involves developing communication drivers and data acquisition software for multitude of controllers, using a variety of protocols over dedicated connections, modems, LANs and WANs.

Supported Protocols - OPC, RS485, Modbus, Modbus-TCP, RS485 ASCII, RS422, RS232, Ethernet, TCP/IP, A-B, Honeywell, Siemens

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