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Thermal Analysis and Simulation
We provide thermal analysis and simulation services using CFD and FEM software packages. We also perform analysis for continuous and batch furnaces with software developed in-house.
Data acquisition and monitoring
We offer support in designing, specifying and procuring data acquisition and monitoring system for furnace applications. We have experience in implementing plant wide data acquisition system to monitor/archive, process and product parameters.
Level 2 supervisory control system
Our expertise includes developing Level II supervisory control system to implement plant wide automation. This includes product tracking, mathematical modeling, Human Machine Interface, communication with controllers, and data exchange with plant ERP system and other computers in the network. We also assist companies in upgrading and customizing their exiting level 2 system.
Software development and customization
Software development and customization is our forte. We have several years of experience in developing/customizing thermal analysis/simulation software in systems, equipments and objects ranging from small electronic devices to large plant equipments. These customizations can range anywhere from implementing new modules to existing in-house analysis software to complete development and/or overhaul of plant wide automation software. CAPABILITY
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